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TERRAWATER becomes a Competence Brand of TAPROGGE

“That is absolutely correct”, confirms D. Taprogge, Managing Director of TAPROGGE GmbH, “the integrational step is of strategic relevance. So far, we have only scratched the surface of what TERRAWATER Technology could become for us in the future.”

There are several potential applications in the pipeline, which make sense for TAPROGGE. For instance, TAPROGGE is of fundamental relevance in thermal seawater desalination, a know-how which will be very useful in the upcoming desalination task for off-grid desalination (e.g. on islands) or for offshore “green” hydrogen, where TERRAWATER Technology has the truly unique benefit of being able to desalinate water without contamination of the sea from addition of chemicals to brine.

“We will now be working together on these applications as a joint team with simultaneous allocation of tasks in the TAPROGGE Office Kiel and at TAPROGGE Headquarters in Wetter. Our goal is to speed up our ambitious time-to-market targets to serve our clients with energy-efficient and clean solutions“, D. Taprogge adds.

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